Friday, January 2, 2015

Welcome to Love M & O

Hello everyone and welcome to our blog! This blog was started by two girls with a passion for everything beauty, lifestyle and even some cooking. We are both obsessed with New York and hope to live there one day. On this blog we go by M & O, obviously we have real names, but for now we are keeping those private. :)


I am very outgoing and love everything fashion related. I have hopes of working in the fashion industry and hope that one day I will have my own line of clothing. I love traveling and hope to someday travel the world with my best friends and family. 


I am much less outgoing than M, but my passion is in everything hair and makeup. A goal of mine is to one day own salons that encompass my personality and style. Like M, I would like to one day travel the world and mostly Europe, especially Italy and France.

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