Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Summer Wishlist

I went on Polyvore the other day and I decided to put together an outfit. This outfit is summer themed because I think I'm craving the warm weather. It's freezing where we live!!!! My style (as I've said before) is very simple and I love jeans and a tee shirt. It's probably my favorite thing to wear and I would no doubt wear it everyday. I tend to not wear heels often because it's not always practical, but I am very short so I love that they give me extra height. I'm also not the best at walking in heels but I still think that these are to die for! I would definitely take the time and make sure I had the walking in them down first though. I think it looks casual but it's still polished. My love for Celine bags is really real. I just love how they look, and yes I'm not ashamed that I jumped on the bandwagon because everyone and their mother had them. :)
Comment below if you would live in jeans and tee shirts too! 
I'll be posting a winter outfit I want in a few days! :)


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