Thursday, February 26, 2015


It's 1 in the morning. And I was on surfing the web, the usual, and I got to thinking.

I've begun to realize that I need to start doing things outside of my comfort zone and I need to put myself out there. No opportunity is going to be handed to me on a golden plater. I have to go out and actively seek for it. I need to take the leap. All the people I admire have done something in order to get to where they are. They would have had to really commit to something and work extremely hard.

So here's a quote: "You create your own opportunities."

With that good night,
Love, M

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

NYFW Fall 2015 - Street Style

With London Fashion Week in full swing, I wanted to take it back a couple of weeks. So here are my favorite looks from New York Fashion Week.

I love the neutrality in her outfit and then the little quirky Marge Simpson pin ties the whole look together. This is one of my favorite street style looks from this week.

I am in love with the colors of all three of these outfits. I especially love the outfit all the way on the left because of the little pop of orange, red, and white in her coat.

Faux fur coats are a major trend that I'm loving.



I'm am in love with her personalized Anya Hindmarch bag and the 90s vibe her whole outfit gives. [Photo on the right]

I love the clean cut looks of both of these outfits. They seem to ooze with sophistication.

This cape is so gorgeous and spot on, with its embellishments. This outfit is pulled together with the knee high boots. 

And lastly, Alexa Chung's outfit. Because she is a fashion goddess.

Love, M

Thursday, February 19, 2015

NYC - The Dream

So, I've decided that I want to become the type of person who lives in a gorgeously, lavished penthouse loft in New York City. Where there is exposed brick and hardwood flooring. Basically, what everyone in the world dreams of doing. I have decided that there is no use moping about not being able to move into a place like that at this moment in time. I am going to be positive and optimistic and dream about where I could live if the opportunity ever presents itself. I've started looking at places on Airbnb. Here's what I've found: 

This place is so Urban Outfittersesque, with all of the kitschy decorations. I want to live here... x

The view is so unbelievable. I am willing to pay the hefty rental price just for the pleasure of waking up to a view of Manhattan. x

When there is a spiral staircase involved, count me in. x

Um. What is there not to like. The clean esthetic of the whole place is fantastic. And there is a piano, which gives me the opportunity to learn how to play. x 

Just look at the place. The whole place makes me feel like I am drowning in luxury. It seems like such an amazing place to stay after you've had a long day walking all over NYC. x

I could go on and on but I'm going to restrain myself and take a couple deep breaths. I highly recommend Airbnb to anyone who is looking for a nice place to rent for the week instead of a hotel. Prices can range from $25 to over $1000 but, you can mostly get a nice bang for your buck. 

A girl can dream...
Love. M 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

BH Cosmetics Palettes and Review

I recently purchased two palettes from BH Cosemtics and I am actually very happy with my purchases. I was not expecting them to be of the highest quality because they are pretty cheap in price but, they are actually really nice.

I purchased this concealer palette (sorry it's messy) because I often do friends makeup and never have the same skin tone as they do. With this palette I thought that I could just use it while highlighting and contouring friends faces but I have found myself using it so much.

I will actually sometimes just put concealer on now instead of foundation on these days. 

This was actually the first palette I purchased because I had seen it used in videos and I "needed" it. The only thing I was not thrilled about was the bottom right eyeshadow was shattered when it came but that's really no big deal. I usually wear neutrals but I really love these colors. They have great color pay off. I would recommend this.


Face Makeup Routine

I like to keep it pretty simple with my face makeup and here are my favorite products for a quick morning routine.

Face Brushes: Real Techniques and BH Cosmetics


Friday, January 30, 2015

My Hair Essentials

These are my hair essentials. 

I have moderately long hair and I am trying to grow it out very long, so I have been using conditioners that hopefully will speed up my growing process.  I have also been taking vitamins for my hair and I hope that they work.

I have been taking these Hair, Skin, and Nails Gummies for a while now. I haven't noticed any drastic changes yet but I hope to see some soon. 
I'm definitely not a doctor so if you are thinking about taking these you should probably check with a doctor to make sure it's okay.

I love this conditioner. It makes my hair so, so silky and it smells AMAZING

I got this spray while I was at Ulta. I was buying fake tan and they gave this to me as a gift. It makes my hair ridiculously smooth.

Also, my favorite leave in conditioner. I really love the Not Your Mothers line of products.

I find that I usually buy products based on smell? Does anyone else do that? 

Hope you like this post!! :)

Love, O

Workout Shoes

These are my favorite workout shoes EVER. I got these at the Nike Super Store in New York last year.

My favorite thing about them is definitely the color. I love wearing them with just all black workout clothes and then these are the pop of color.
I do realize that I am taking about planning out my gym outfits and that people think it is ridiculous and I do too at times.

They are very comfortable and I bought them in New York mostly because my feet really hurt. I forgot to bring tennis shoes so I went and bought these and I am so happy I did. They are really good for walking long distances because they are really supportive.
I also do go hiking quite often in these and they are really good for traction I think as well. 

Hope you enjoyed this post! Comment below your favorite brand of workout shoe!

Love, O

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