Saturday, January 3, 2015

My Favorite Things About Winter

The winter months are my favorite time of year. Where we live, it's never really that cold around this time of year but it's just cold enough to wrap yourself in a cozy blanket with a great book. I'd be lying if I said that reading is my favorite pass time. I would usually be on my phone grazing Instagram and Twitter, but that wouldn't have made a nice picture :). For me, candles complete the feeling of winter. A candle that smells like a cupcake makes everything feel warm in the room. This throw that everything is sitting on is a great color that goes with all of my decor. I don't love how it feels so it's definitely more decorative for me than anything. I've decided to get healthy in the new year and that's where this book comes in. I haven't read it yet but, I'd be happy to do a review for anyone who wants one when I finish it (leave a comment below) :). 

I hope everyone had a great holiday season and we are wishing everyone a great New Year! Make 2015 great! :)


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