Saturday, January 10, 2015

Our Goals for 2015

We have so many goals for this blog in 2015. We love this blog so much and we just hope to spread our message and "inspire" and help people through our posts.

1. We hope to be consistent in our blog and get a schedule for posting and stick to it.
2. We hope to gain some sort of following.
3. We love this blog (it's pretty much our baby) and we hope to keep our passion for it alive.

Those are our simple goals for 2015. We kept them simple and made sure not be to extravagant with them because, in the end we are thankful for every single person who reads this blog and we really appreciate all of you! 

We love all of you and thank you so much! <3 We hope everyone accomplishes the goals they set for themselves in 2015!

XO, M & O

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