Thursday, January 8, 2015

My Travel Style

Hi everyone! All day today I was just thinking about traveling and how I wish I was on a plane to somewhere beautiful. I don't know about anyone else, but I love watching videos on packing and travel style. It probably is just me, but I knew I wanted to put together my ideal traveling outfit. 

The shirt is just a simple baseball tee shirt that is perfect for traveling and you can probably wear it more than once on your trip because it's so versatile. For the pants, it's really whatever you would like because this outfit would also look great with leggings but I prefer to wear jeans. I like the jeans because I favor the look you get when you pair a tee shirt with jeans opposed to leggings. Flip flops are my go to shoe for an airport. Some might say it's gross, (which it probably is), but it makes TSA so much less of a hassle because you can just slip your shoes right off. 

In terms of accessories, I went for a scarf and a carry on bag. This carry on is a Cuyana carry on, very similar to the one I have. I LOVE this bag as I'm sure everyone already knows so I won't drone on about it, but I will include the link to that post at the bottom. Lastly is a scarf. I like to pack a scarf even if it's super hot out because I tend to get extremely cold on planes. They keep you warm and at the end of the flight you can either just wear it or stuff it in your bag.

Hope you all enjoyed this quick post! 


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